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Septic Services

Your Local, Trusted Treasure Valley and Boise Septic Pumping Services

Did you know that for an average family with a 1,000 gallon septic tank, it only takes 5 days to fill up the entire tank? A lot of it is just water, however, after time, more crust and sludge build up in the tank. It is important to maintain septic tanks for the health of the tank itself and for the health of the drain field.

As a local provider of septic pumping services, we provide a full service with pumping septic tanks. Our customer’s know more about their tanks after we service them. With septic tank inspections to setting up recurring maintenance, we make it so you don’t have to worry about your tank!

Express Plumbing: Treasure Valley & Boise Pumping Services

Pumping Services by Express Plumbing of Boise, Idaho. Image is a man in an Express Plumbing uniform carrying hosing for septic servicing.

Septic Pumping

For our customers, we take the stress and worry out of pumping their septic tank. With our team of experts, septic tanks are healthy, well maintained, and no worry to you.

It is our top priority to service you and to ensure that your septic tank is serviced by the leading pumping team. You can either call today or schedule online, just go to the “Contact Us” page for more details.

We’re your Boise and Treasure Valley septic pumping company of choice! Our services are second to none.

Enzymes for Your Tank

Preventative maintenance is just as important as pumping your septic tank. We recommend monthly enzyme treatments can help in digesting solids in your system keeping your drain field and septic system running smoothly.

Ask us about our one year supply of enzyme treatments today!

Our technicians are stocked with enzymes when they go to pump your tank, so all you have to do is ask! We also sell enzymes to our customers even when it isn’t time to get your tank pumping, all you have to do is call!

Drain Field Rejuvenations (Caustic Treatment)

Drain fields can be affected by too much accumulated solid waste. If the fats, oils, and grease reach the drain field clogging will occur. At this point, it is possible for the septic system to fail completely.

Our rejuvenation services can bring your drain field back to life! This is a much more cost effective service than installing a new septic system.

All you have to do is call in or schedule online and we can take care of your drain field.

Well Water Testing

We also provide Well Water Testing for our customers. We’re able to do potability tests and productivity tests for you and your home!

Productivity tests the capability of the well to provide water. Measure static head level, measure active head level, and gallons per minute (how many gallons per minute the well is capable of producing).

Our common test for potability measure for total Coliforms, E-Coli, Arsenic, Nitrites, and Nitrates.

As a full-service providing company, we’ve got you covered!

Why Express?

Express is more than just a plumbing company. We are able to offer many different services, like septic pumping, to our customers. This way quality of the job is provided by our expert team.

As a trusted service provider, we strive to be there for all of our customers. Pumping issues can happen at a moments notice. No need to worry, our team can be there in your time of need! All you have to do is call our phone, which is ready 24/7, and we will take the worry and septic issues away!

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