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Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services

Clogs in pipes can happen at any point along the drainage system. We offer a variety of Boise drain cleaning services. If you suspect you have a main sewer line blockage, or clogged kitchen drains or are faced with backed up toilets, we can help. Our technicians also clean floor drains in restaurants and washing machine drains that suffer from excessive soap scum.

Breakdown of Our Drain Cleaning Services

Main drainage line cleaning is often for when you have a clog the main pipe that carries all the water from your house to the city sewer or your septic tank. Signs of a main line clog:

  • percolating sounds coming from your toilet
  • water backed up in your bathtub or a sink
  • water appearing in an unused sink when you run the dishwasher

Residential Drain Cleaning

One of the most common causes of these kinds of clogs is tree roots. Trees have adapted quite well to human progress, and make it a mission to keep on growing. Roots will exert pressure on pipes causing cracks. Once a crack forms the capillary roots will work their way into the pipes, a readily available source of water for the tree. When the root invades the pipe, it blocks the flow of water from the home or building, causing a flow issue.

Secondary line cleaning is sometimes necessary for clogs in smaller pipes like your kitchen sink drain, washing machine, or dishwasher. These channels accumulate soap scum, hair, food particles or grease and at some point, these solid objects ban together to cause a ruckus in your water flow.

Irrigation lines are often made with PVC irrigation pipes, and are susceptible to tree root damage that can crack or crush the pipe. When that happens your yard floods or your sprinklers don’t work right. We can help you assess and remedy the problem.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

ndustrial lines in restaurants take a lot of abuse from daily activities related to the cooking and cleaning that goes on in restaurants. Even with grease traps or other preventative measures, there is no way to prevent a clog occurring at some point.

Parking lot drain cleaning is recommended before the rain and snow arrive. Parking lot drains are magnets for leaves, debris, branches, and trash.

Roof drains are subjected to bird’s nests, leaves, branches, and any other foreign objects that collect on a flat roof like plastic bags. We provide roof drain cleaning services to prevent water back ups, spillovers and other water-related issues.


Trailer-Mounted Jetting

Trailer-mounted jetting services provide water-powered drain cleaning that will scour, cut through and break up the clog, when cabling is not the best method. Our trailer jetter uses 4000 psi to scrub the inside of pipes clean.

For all those tree roots or grease that is slowing up your drain lines, water is a great solution. The water pressure and flow can be adjusted to suit various applications and pipe sizes. These water streams move heavy debris in large pipes, plus they have 180 degrees maneuverability for all sorts of situations.

Mini-jetting equipment is similar to the trailer-mounted equipment, and is best used for smaller pipes and tight spaces. This approach removes soft stoppages and ice in frozen pipes of restaurants or septic systems.

Video Inspections

We provide inspections once the line is clear so that we can get to the root of the problem without physically inspecting the pipes.


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