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Play Structures in Yards

With Christmas come and gone, many children got play structures for their backyards. Before setting up your play structure make sure you know if you have a septic tank. Also where your pipes lay in the ground. If you want to make sure you structure is secure you need to dig about 1 foot off the ground. Then place plastic sheeting down. Pour enough wood chips, pea gravel or mulch. This will enable the footings of the structure to be properly hidden so that no one can play on them. On top of that, it also adds stability to your play structure. The downside of it is that it can cutoff the bacteria in the pipes which is crucial. If the bacteria in your drain field fails to survive, the breakdown process is affected and as a result it can cause a flood waste.

If there are problems with you septic system, hire professionals who can do the job and they should have access to the drain field as well as other parts of the system. Having a play structure makes it difficult especially when you have to move it. A play structure can be quite heavy. Although there are downsides in having a play structure, there are ways for you to still install it even if you have a septic system in your yard. Do your research and talk to professionals for any advice before setting up your play structure.


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