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Tour Around the World: Bathroom Etiquette

Tour Around the World: Bathroom Etiquette There is one thing that all humans have to do but there are some key differences between each country and its culture. If you’re ever going to travel or are just curious about other cultures norms then this is the blog for you! We’ll be taking a look at a couple of different countries and their bathroom etiquette. Some may be similar while others are completely different. China Bathroom Etiquette The website Teach House, who is certified by Cambridge University has a blog about the different Chinese customs and etiquette. Gold, who wrote the [...]

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Why Do Plumbers Camera Sewer Lines?

Why Do Plumbers Camera Sewer Lines? If you are having problems with your plumbing; many times, plumbers will camera sewer lines to see what is going on. Professional plumbers will want to get a clear picture of what is causing the plumbing in your house to fail. So, if you have a plumber who goes off what you initially tell them, and they don’t test any of the appliances, then they aren’t providing you with the best service. One of the best pieces of equipment a plumber can suggest is a camera. What are the reasons why plumbers camera sewer [...]

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Kitchen Designs That You’ll Love

Kitchen Designs That You’ll Love Kitchen designs is something you should be thinking to do if you don't love the way your kitchen looks. Sometimes your kitchen needs a face lift so that it fits to your style. Your style is not only about the way it looks but the functionality of the kitchen. If you host all the parties in your family, then you’ll need to have a lot of counter space, double stoves, and double sinks. However, if you are on a tight budget but need to revamp your kitchen; new counter tops with new light fixtures and [...]

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Christmas Bathroom Ideas for the Kids

Christmas Bathroom Ideas for the Kids Christmas bathroom ideas for kids and their elf on a shelf. One of the best parts of the day is waking up and looking to see where the elf has gone and what they have been up to in the night. You can find them in many different places throughout the house. However, one of the best places to find them is in the bathroom. So, here are some Christmas bathroom ideas from people who have found their elf on a shelf being a little mischievous in their bathroom. Fishing Elf in the Sink [...]

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5 Perfect Bathroom Designs

Perfect Bathroom Designs The best bathroom design can be summed up into one word. Opinion. Everyone has their own style and the word best is very subjective. However, these bathroom designs are ones that everyone can take inspiration from and make it your own and have your very own best bathroom design. All it takes is your style and of course your budget. Check out our blog on 5 Simple Bathroom Storage Solutions and 5 Nifty Bathroom Storage Ideas for great ideas on how to save money and to save space. Everyday Get Away Bathroom Design Source: [...]

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Sink Design Fails

Sink Design Fails Nothing is worse when you to go to the bathroom and wash your hands; only to find that the sink is in the worse possible condition. These sink design fails will make you question what lead up to the result of these sinks. Some just don’t get the water into the sink bowl while others have water pressure like a fire truck. These sink design fails will make you cringe and feel better about walking into a public restroom that at least have one working sink. 5 Too Many Source: I guess at one [...]

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Toilet Fails: Bathroom Designer Fails

Bathroom Designer Fails Bathroom designer fails will leave you a bad situation There are some moments where you must just ask yourself “why?” These bathroom designer fails will leaving you cringing. Whomever gave the “okay” to go ahead with these designs didn’t really think it through. So, if you ever come across any bathroom designer fails just walk away. The Long Hall Way I guess if there is a lock on the door then you can be the only one in there with 5 sinks to choose from. If not, then you’re in for a real awkward moment when someone [...]

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Temporary Leak Fixes

Temporary Leak Fixes Any homeowner knows that plumbing problems are a constant battle. From leaky faucets to sewage backups, there are always bound to be issues popping up over time. For some issues, it may be frustrating to wait for plumber availability. This can be upsetting because aside from the water usage increase, a leak can cause structure damage as well. So, if you are unable to get a plumber out immediately, here are some temporary leak fixes you may try. These should hold until you can get a professional out to make a permanent fix. Clamp Down on Leaking [...]

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Worst Bathroom Decorations

Worst Bathroom Decorations Trends come and go. Bathroom decorations is no exception. Whether it be wall paper to sea shells, there are some great ideas and trends for bathroom decorations and then there are the ones you question. Here are some bathroom decorations that should remain in the past. 1968 Source: Let’s just say that the shower itself is an odd design; from its circular shape to the wall that is horrendously covering it adds a sense of busyness that would make anyone want to look away. 1977 Source: Green is my favorite color [...]

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5 Simple Bathroom Storage Solutions

5 Simple Bathroom Storage Solutions Simple bathroom storage solutions are exactly what you need to implement in your bathroom. Why? Everyone has that drawer that is filled with clutter and is very unorganized. There are items you need and should throw away but you don’t because they are hiding in the chaos that is your bathroom. These 5 simple bathroom storage solutions are what you need to turn your bathroom from a pity party into bathroom envy. #1 Working with the space you’ve already got Source: You don’t have to buy another cabinet or add bulky shelves [...]

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