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Express Plumbing Service Commercial: The Meaning

In 2018, Express Plumbing Service filmed and premiered its very first TV commercial on Idaho’s most watched channels.

With the help of a local and amazing filming company here in Idaho, we were able to create a stunning commercial that showed the brand of Express Plumbing Service and give a brief glimpse of types of services we provide.

Although, we provide such a wide range of services that the commercial would have been more than a minute to show it all!

Why make a commercial in the first place?

We wanted to show our customers and future customers what Express Plumbing Service can and does do on a daily basis. Our technician are constantly faced with challenges that they have to solve quickly.

You never know what the true root of a plumbing problem is until you think outside of the box and run through every piece that could be causing that one problem.

When you’ve discovered the cause to a plumbing problem you now have to come up with a solution and execute it.

In our commercial, we presented a couple of different problems and throughout the commercial they are solved. Everything from a pipe bursting to a sewer smell in the bathroom, we show the tools of the trade that are used to find the source of the problem and solve it.

Who knew what a smoke tester was? I didn’t until we filmed the scene with the toilet and our technician!


About the Author:

The team here at Express Plumbing Service, believes that it is important to keep our customers and viewers updated and informed on the plumbing industry. Whether it be how to maintain your septic system, to preventing major leaks, or on how to update your bathroom. We are hear to keep up on the latest and continue to build as a company!