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Toilet Fails: Bathroom Designer Fails

Bathroom Designer Fails

Bathroom designer fails will leave you a bad situation There are some moments where you must just ask yourself “why?” These bathroom designer fails will leaving you cringing. Whomever gave the “okay” to go ahead with these designs didn’t really think it through. So, if you ever come across any bathroom designer fails just walk away.

The Long Hall Way

bathroom designer fails

I guess if there is a lock on the door then you can be the only one in there with 5 sinks to choose from. If not, then you’re in for a real awkward moment when someone walks in and there is only one toilet to pick. In any case, this business must not get that much traffic in their bathrooms.

Half Way There

bathroom designer fails

Either the toilet was cut in half or the wall was built around the toilet. Let’s hope it was cut in half because that means you can still use it.

Is it really?

Bathroom Designer fails

Is this really a wheel chair accessible bathroom? Or are we playing a game of there really isn’t a bathroom even behind this door? I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see what’s in there let alone where they are at.

A Long Reach

Bathroom designer fails

At first this looks like a normal bathroom stall. However, that’s going to be a long reach to the toilet paper. A reach that not everyone will be able to complete with remaining on the toilet. Out of all the bathroom designer fails I’ve come across, this one would trick me because it took me a second to realize that is was a major bathroom design fail.

Didn’t think that through

bathroom designer fails

I guess the size of an average toilet paper wasn’t taken into consideration when this bathroom was designed. When they were testing it out, to make sure it opened and closed properly, there was no toilet paper need. However, once it was time to make it usable the toilet paper is what came back to bite them. So, if you ever have someone put a toilet in for you, make sure you can open and close the toilet lid with toilet paper on the holder. Or you can just not put the toilet paper on the holder and just have it resting on the counter. That way there is no argument on which way to put the toilet paper, over or under?

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