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Plumbing Trends Of 2016

Trends happen every year and sometimes they stick around for a while. Other times they’re here and gone in the blink of an eye. Here are some plumbing trends that really took off over this past year.

One trend that is really starting to take off is age in place features. Age in place features are items people have installed thinking more ahead of time. Like 10-30 years from now that will benefit them in the long run. An example of an age in place feature would be a walk-in shower. That way as you would age you wouldn’t have to worry about climbing over the tub to get in the bath. You could simply open the door and walk in and out with little problems. Another example would be taller toilets. Taller toilets don’t necessarily require you to squat down before taking a seat. It’s also easier on the joints as you get older.

Some newer trends that seem to be taking off in houses that are under new construction. Pedestal tubs and innovative sinks. Pedestal tubs have a type of luxury to some people, it goes back to when claw foot tubs were very popular in old times. There are many unique styles of innovative sinks to choose from when decorating or re-modeling your bathroom. Under mount sinks are easy to clean and have a sleek appearance, while trough sinks offer a lot of space for washing large items. Vessel sinks too are aesthetically beautiful and somewhat unique in design.

As time goes on technology advances and improves very frequently. Some high-tech plumbing trends that have been starting to take off are features like ant-fog mirrors and smart showers. Anti-fog mirrors are very convenient so that you can take a bath or shower as hot as you would like and not have to worry about fog forming on the mirror and dripping down and having to clean if every so often. Smart showers are especially neat, they can have LED lights in the shower head making the water look like it’s coming out different colors. Also, they can play music and can connect to Bluetooth and the internet.

With 2016 coming to an end and 2017 close approaching keep an eye out for the new plumbing trends that will be coming up this next year, and if you would need any help or questions about installing them in your home please feel free to give Express Plumbing Service a call and we will send out a fully certified technician to help make your home just the way you would like it!


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