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Plumbing History: The Importance

Plumbing History

Out of all the inventions throughout our history, there is one that has saved more lives than anything else in the world. Yes, I’m talking about plumbing! So many revelations have made plumbing what we know it to be today. The plumbing history isn’t just full of pipes and water, it is full of disease stopping inventions. In the end, this has saved countless lives.


What’s so Important?

The two most important things that make plumbing so very important are: (1) getting waste out and (2) getting clean water in. Within the plumbing history, getting waste out is obviously very important. In 1700 B.C., plumbers constructed an elaborate system of sewage disposal to get that very important job done. Then to complete the plumbing cycle; in 312 B.C., the Roman aqueducts carried 1.2 billion liters of water a day for 57 miles to bring fresh water to Rome.

Plumbing History

The History of Plumbing

It’s called “the John”

In 1592, Queen Elizabeth I installed the first flush toilet in England. This toilet was invented by her godson Sir John Harrington. This is where the nickname for a toilet is “the John”. Short, sweet, and to the point for this fact.


The Science behind it

Louis Pasteur is the “father of microbiology” and the inventor of the vaccine. 1869 is when Pasteur made his discovery on a link between bacteria and disease. Today it might seem like a no brainier but it is only this way because of this discovery. Plumbing is the way to keep bacteria out of areas where people need it most. The history of plumbing has made this possible. Whether it be in your home or in a public place, plumbing keeps you safe from disease.


One Simple Thing killed 100 People

An example of this bacteria, disease, and plumbing link would be an event that killed nearly 100 people. The plumbing history has shown this tragedy to happen quickly. In 1933, Chicago was hosting the World’s Fair. During this, a tragic outbreak of dysentery broke out because of a faulty plumbing system that leaked contaminated water.

The Modern Plumber

Plumbing History

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